Beach Ripple

Beach Ripple is finally framed and for sale at Studio E Gallery.


Beach Ripple


Hand-rolled stained glass, apophyllite, blue onyx, lithium quartz & quartz points

40”x60” (3 Panel/each 40″x20″)

Apophyllite and onyx date back to Greece. Apophyllite comes from “apo” meaning “off” and “phyllon” meaning “leaf.” The combination means to leaf off or flake off. Apophyllite has a high water content and flakes off when heated. According to legend, onyx comes from Eros/Cupid who cut Venus’s fingernails while she slept. The clippings scattered all over the ground and the gods turned them into the stone onyx.

This piece is great for relaxation and balance. Blue onyx and lithium quartz are soothing stones that help maintain calm emotional balance. Blue onyx also assists in eliminating unwanted energies and feeling drained from life’s challenges. Apophyllite is great for providing energy and for assisting in meditation. 



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